Cleasing Kit For My Bestfriend

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Gift one of kit to one of your relatives or bestie. It includes a Makeup Remover and 2 Reusable Makeup Remover. We gift you the same delivered at your own address ! 

Put your friend's address in the delivery address section, 

Check "I would like to use another for the billing address" and put your own address !

Inquire your bestie address if you want as well. 

These 2 reusable cotton pads are perfect to remove your makeup and clean your skin delicately. After each use, you can easily throw them in the washing mashing

And to sill the deal, you both get our Avocado and Sesame Oil Makeup Remover with it.

Perfect to remove your makeup and clean your skin. « Gorgeous Petal » is a seductive mix of strength and romanticism. 


100% Handmade - 100% Made in Provence

8,33 €